User Experience Designer

Designing beautiful, successful products with data driven decisions.

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Healthcare App: A Business Tool - UX/UI

A large integrated managed healthcare company needed to empower businesses to be able to efficiently and quickly manage employee healthcare. Additions and enhancements to existing functionality as well as an on-brand visual redesign brought this application up to a competitive level.

My Role

UX design, interaction design, user testing

Tools Used

Adobe XD, Illustrator

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Application Insights Dashboards - UX/UI

Microsoft's Application Insights helps you diagnose issues, monitor performance and analyze usage of your app. The ability to build AI charts in Azure dashboards allows for shared visibility and organization in one location.

My Role

UX design, interaction design

Tools Used

Sketching, Illustrator

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Application Topology Map

Application Topology Map - UX/UI

The Application Topology Map in Application Insights gives users an overview of the interconnected structure and relationships of all of the services and dependencies that make up their application.

My Role

UX design, interaction, and visual design.

Tools Used

Sketching, Axure, Illustrator

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