Who am I?

Hello! My name is Lyndsay Wilhelm. I’m a passionate UX designer with front end development and user research experience based in Seattle, WA. My background is in cultural anthropology, people, and design. I enjoy creative problem solving and like to design things that are beautiful, useful, and that improve people’s lives. I have a strategic approach, always keeping the business purpose and users at the core of decision making, while following the research and UX best practices. I pride myself on always being thorough and I love learning new things…Maybe that’s a given? Wouldn’t life be boring without new discoveries?

As a former hair stylist, I have years of experience in communicating with people and being empathetic when discovering customer needs. A part of that is listening well, but also knowing what questions to ask to extract deeper human insights. It’s important to get to the feelings, motivations and biases when it comes to deep understanding. Based on all of the sad faces I had to say goodbye to when I decided to leave the salon for good, I believe I have a talent for designing what people need.

Me in the Wild

I am from Seattle and I love this city. Outside of work and UX, I like too many things. I enjoy traveling, seeing live music, drumming, cooking, hiking, theatre, karaoke, making wood-fire pizzas in my back yard, hanging out with my family and snuggling with my pup. I am interested in anything that’s new to me and surround myself with people that appreciate uniqueness and diversity. I like to laugh a lot and take only the serious things seriously.