Who am I?

Hello! My name is Lyndsay Wilhelm. I’m a passionate user experience designer with development experience based in Seattle, WA. My background is in cultural anthropology, people, art and technology. I enjoy creative problem solving and like to design things that are beautiful, useful, and elegant. I always design with the user in mind and follow UX best practices and current web standards. I pride myself on doing good work and I always love learning new things. Maybe that’s a given. Wouldn’t life be boring without personal goals and new stuff?

As a former hair stylist, I have years of experience in communicating with people and being empathetic when discovering customer’s needs. A part of that is listening well, but also reading between the lines and extracting deeper meanings and opinions whenever necessary. Based on all of the sad faces I had to say goodbye to when I decided to leave the salon and chase new endeavors, I believe I have a talent for designing based on people’s wants and needs.

Me in the Wild

I am from Seattle and I love this city. Outside of work and UX, I like too many things. I enjoy traveling, seeing live music, drumming, cooking, hiking, theatre, karaoke, making wood-fire pizzas in my back yard, hanging out with my family and snuggling with my pup. I am interested in anything that’s new to me and surround myself with people that appreciate uniqueness and diversity. I like to laugh a lot and take only the serious things seriously.