Premier Haircare

E-Commerce Protosite HTML/CSS


Early Stages

Premier Haircare was a school project guided by the UX process. Because of the limited time frame and the need to control the scope, user research was not able to be conducted. Creating hypothetical user needs and a persona helped kick-start the project. I used standard UX methods and tools to inform interaction and design and built a protosite featuring a shopping cart system.

Following persona creation and domain research, I created a project summary and functional specifications document to set parameters for the design plan phase.


Next I created a checkout user flow, IA, navigation and eventually wireframes to set myself up for the final visual design in Illustrator.


The final product is a walk through a live protosite that demonstrates a user’s flow through navigating to find a product, to eventually stepping through a checkout and purchase process.

When moving through the protosite, your path will be guided by numbers that look like this:1

The journey ends after step eight at the purchase confirmation page.

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